Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Timeline Climbing Of Lhotse

  • 1955 Attempt by the International Himalayan Expedition.
  • 1956 First ascent of the main summit.
  • 1965 First attempt on Lhotse Shar by a Japanese expedition - reached 8,100m.
  • 1979 First ascent of Lhotse Shar by Austrian expedition.
  • 1979 Second ascent of the main summit by Jerzy Kukuczka.
  • 1981 April 30 Third ascent of the main summit by Hristo Prodanov, Bulgaria.
  • 1981 October 16 Second ascent of Lhotse Shar Switzerland
  • 1984 May 20 The first ascent of the south face of the mountain finished on Lhotse Shar Czechoslovakia
  • 1986 Ascent by Reinhold Messner, thus becoming the first man to climb all of the Fourteen Eight-Thousanders.
  • 1988 December 31 Krzysztof Wielicki, a Polish climber, completed the first winter ascent of Lhotse.
  • 1989 October 24 Jerzy Kukuczka perishes while climbing the South Face of Lhotse, when his secondhand rope breaks.
  • 1994 May 13 Carlos Carsolio got mountaintop solo, introducing a world speed record at 23 h 50 min rise from basecamp to the summit.
  • 1996 Chantal Mauduit becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Lhotse.
  • 2001 First ascent of Lhotse Middle.
  • 2007 Pemba Doma Sherpa, Nepali mountaineer and two-time summiter of Mt. Everest, falls to her death from Lhotse at 8000 m

Lhotse Middle

Lhotse Middle was first climbed in 2001 by three groups of Russian climbers. At the time it was the last unclimbed named eight thousand metre summit.
The 2001 climb was not the first expedition to the peak; the idea of its ascent was originated by Vladimir Bashkirov (who died in a 1997 expedition).
Summit party details:
  • May 23 - first group: Alexey Bolotov, Sergey Timofeev, Evgeny Vinogradsky, Petr Kuznetsov
  • May 24 - second group: Nikolay Zilin, Gleb Sokolov (the first person to have climbed all the Lhotse peaks), Yuri Koshelenko
  • May 27 - third group: Vladimir Yanochkin, Viktor Volodin


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