Saturday, July 30, 2011

Major climbs of Mount Teide

The first known ascent of Mount Teide by a European was in 1646 or 1650 according to the source by the British Philips Ward, John Webber, John Cowling, Thomas Bridges, George Cove and a friend named Clappham. In 1715 the English traveler J. Edens and his party made the ascent and reported their observations in the journal of the Royal Society in London.

After the Enlightenment, most of the expedition that went to East, Africa and the Pacific had the Teide as one of the most rewarding targets. The expedition of Lord George Macartney, George Staunton and John Barrow in 1792 was about to end in tragedy, as a major snowstorm and rain swept over them, could not reach the peak of the mountain, not really reached beyond Montaña Blanca (Mountain White).

With Romanticism the Teide exhibited a set of natural beauty so unique that it became a hot spot for centuries above.

The German adventurer Hans Heinrich Joseph Meyer was, together with an Australian climber named Ludwig Purtscheller the first European to ascend the peak of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). Meyer also visit the Teide in 1894, during another expedition to Kilimanjaro to observe ice conditions of the volcano. After the climb to Teide, Meyer compared with Kilimanjaro, those categorized as "two kings, one rising in the ocean and the other in the desert and steppes".

Between June and July 2008, the Guatemalan climber Jaime Viñals in a special issue "bonded" Mount Ararat (Turkey) with the Teide, in an ascent to each of these two peaks in a span of less than a month. Conquering the first summit of Ararat on June 24 and immediately after coming to Tenerife to climb Mount Teide crowning on 8 July. With the conquest of these summits, peaks was 21 achieved the international list of "50 most prominent summits in the world".


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