Wednesday, June 22, 2011

List of mountains in Africa

List of mountains in Africa :

Name Elevation (m) Country Continent
Ahaggar Mountains3,003 Algeria Africa
Auasberge 2,484 Namibia Africa
Aïr Mountains 2,022 Niger Africa
Chappal Waddi 2,419 Nigeria Africa
Cathkin Peak 3,377 Lesotho-South Africa Africa
Emi Koussi 3,445 Chad Africa
Kompassberg 2,500 South Africa Africa
Mount Moco 2,620 Angola Africa
Mount Baker 4,844 Uganda Africa
Mount Cameroon 4,040 Cameroon Africa
Mount Elgon 4,321 Kenya-Uganda Africa
Mount Emin 4,798 Congo-Uganda Africa
Mount Gessi 4,715 Congo-Uganda Africa
Impati Mountain 1,600 South Africa Africa
Mount Kadam 3,063 Uganda Africa
Mount Karisimbi 4,507 Rwanda-Congo Africa
Mount Kenya 5,199 Kenya Africa
Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 Tanzania-Highest mountain in Africa Africa
Mount Kinyeti 3,187 Sudan Africa
Mount Luigi di Savoia 4,627 Congo-Uganda Africa
Mount Meru 4,566 Tanzania-Little known due to its close proximity to Kilimanjaro Africa
Mount Hanang 3,417 Tanzania Africa
Mount Moroto 3,083 Uganda Africa
Mount Morungole 2,750 Uganda Africa
Mount Mulanje 3,002 Malawi Africa
Pico del Teide 3,717 Tenerife-Highest mountain in spain (although geographically in Africa Africa
Ras dejen 4,533 Ethiopia Africa
Mount Rungwe 3,175 Zambia Africa
Mount Speke 4,890 Congo-Uganda Africa
Mount Stanley 5,119 Congo-Uganda Africa
Jbel Toubkal 4,167 Marocco Africa
Table Mountain/tafelberg 1,088 Cape Town-South Africa Africa
Teffedest Mountains Algeria Africa
Thabana Ntlenyana 3,482 Lesotho-Highest mountain in Lesotho and suthern Africa Africa
Mount Zulia 2,149 Uganda Africa
Mount Sinai 2,285 Egypt Africa
Mount Serbal 2,979 Egypt Africa


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